Promoting Your Business Through Social Media Marketing Strategy

Wed, Oct 12, 2011

Social Media

One of the initial hurdles you should make if you are starting your social media marketing strategy is to identify first your specific goals and objectives before promoting your business online. Some of these probable questions are: Do you want to augment your sales? How to boost up your conversation rate? Website traffic? Doing a careful analysis of your goals enables you to gauge your social media strategy efforts. In promoting your business through social media marketing, you can start with these following popular sites like twitter, facebook, linkedin, myspace, youtube, bebo and google plus. Many people nowadays are using this powerful strategy for their business promotion online and found success.

Social Media Basics for Your Business

1.) In Social Media Marketing you should be generous to your audience to create a mutual bonding between you and your target audience. Examples for these are giving information, freebies, gifts and discounts. Through this manner you can catch the attention of your prospect clients and they will surely always find you.

2.) In promoting your business you should give all the information about your business and services to your audience by creating a link pointing back to your website. But incase if you don’t have a website yet, just give your contact details and physical address of your office so that they can be able to reach you.

3.) Participate and be involved, share your thoughts and opinions if there are questions and discussions. Don’t be shy because the more you are participative and take part in the discussion, the more it will increase your popularity and credibility.

4.) Be consistent. Always update your social media accounts, this can boost up your profile and more prospect customers will be able to notice you and will begin to like products and services.

5.) Be active and responsive. If you found out that there are complaints and questions, take time to answer them all. You also do some research to answer their questions. Just be proactive and never argue to maintain a wholesome profile. As much as possible give solutions to their problems. In this manner, you can build a good relationship with your customers and they will learn to trust you.

6.) Do not hide your profile. Make your profile accessible and open for the public, so that everybody will be able to search you. Allow your audience to view your photos and videos. Set your settings in your profile to be visible. In this way, your customers will be able to connect with you and they will be able to associate with your services or business.

Once you do all these basic strategies, you are one way ahead to your competitors. Create profiles and accounts to all social media sites and brand them. After you sign up to all of these sites, start connecting to your customers and attract them through online discussions and interact with them. Voice out and spread your business and services because the concept of Social media is to connect with the online community. Having a good relationship with your audience will be able to help you in promoting your business and they will as well recommend you to others.

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