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Fri, Feb 3, 2012

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Facebook will be launching improved features where you can easily locate the people you know and also connect with the right people by simply using Friend Lists.

With this improved Friend Lists, seeing updates from and sharing with different lists of friends is just easy and simple. Say for instance, you want to view posts from among your so-called closest friends or possibly you just want to share some personal story with your family. You can do so without necessarily letting your co- workers read what you’ve shared. It directly goes to the persons you want to share information with.

Below are three improvements that can make lists extremely simple and even more helpful.

1.Close Friends and Acquaintances lists – This allows you to view your close friends’ pictures and posts in just one place, and view less from people that are not close to you.

• Close Friends list – You can add your best friends to your Close Friends list and you can view everything they post in News Feed. In addition, you can get notifications every time they post updates.

• Acquaintances list – In this list, you can add friends such as old classmates, or business contacts and you’ll get to see them less in your News Feed. But you can still see important things they post like getting married or relocating to another city.

How about those few other people you like but you don’t feel like sharing with on Facebook? You can simply add these persons to your restricted list. They’ll get to see your public posts only. Of course, you’re still friends with them on Facebook. They can still receive messages from you or if you tag them in a post.

If you produced your own lists in the past, it is still viable. It’s also good if you keep on creating whatever lists you want in the future. Once you post something to a certain list you’ve created which consists of your Close Friends and Acquaintances lists, the title of the list is not visible to anyone.

2. Smart lists – Since managing lists is tiring and boring, then smart lists will carry out the work for you. You’ll get to see smart lists that create themselves. They are up-to-date based on profile information that your friends have in common with you such as work, school, family, and city. If you want to make the lists more exact, then you can add or remove friends manually as well.

3. Better suggestions – There are suggestions provided for your smart lists, Acquaintances, Close Friends and your own lists, which make them simple and easy to update and create.

If you want to add someone as a friend or accept a friend request, you can add the friend to any of your existing lists. With this, adding the right friends to your lists is easy and requires less effort on your part.

Since Friend Lists are entirely optional, then you can opt not to use or use them.

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