Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Fri, Oct 7, 2011

Social Media

With the world’s technology advancement nowadays, social media has played a very significant part in the lives of individuals around the globe. With this extent, social media marketing has also emerged. Social media marketing perse is a component of the integrated marketing communications process which is carried out by different organizations. Additionally, it delves in producing and creating appealing content that is shared via social networks on the internet. Since people are using internet on a huge scale, the subject on a particular brand or product on the web has become a very important choice of interest. Spreading of information has become easier with the use of wi-fi and internet access on cell phones and hand held computers. With the emergence of Web 2.0, advertising and social networking via Twitter, Facebook and using RSS feeds has become a part of social media marketing campaigns of many organizations.

Social media marketing is constituted by involving in social networks such as online communities, blogs, wikis and other form of networking sites in order to get through to their target customers. This allows creating an interest in visiting community. Among the social media marketing tools are Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, and Youtube.

Aside from being interactive, social media communities are also informative in nature. It gives pertinent information for people to use. It is not necessarily required that the Company or website has to always write information about their Company but rather regularly update these sites to have greater interactive ability and thereby promoting more advanced publicity. If a visitor of a particular site receives a prompt answer from the website owner, then it follows that the person will become a permanent member and thus can endorse and disseminate the website through word of mouth.

Social media marketing has a considerable way of reaching to the customers concurrently especially those websites who have great database of their customers and visitors. Through this, an easy interaction with the customers is achieved. Moreover, this gives them interest in the website’s product and services in a convenient manner. Marketing through online media gives a wider opportunity to intermingle with the desired customers and know about their preferences and feedback. This provides ideas on how to tailor your services according to customer preferences. Consequently, this also helps create the brand name in the market.

It is however to be taken into consideration that bad sites create negative impression on social media marketing. Since social media sites are visited almost daily by numerous visitors, it is of utmost importance to design such sites in an informative and constructive manner. Sites that are poorly designed will automatically produce negative publicity and destructive effects for that website.

Below are some benefits of social media marketing:

• It brings large traffic volumes to your business website without costing you much.

• This provides increased exposure to your merchandise or product.

• This gives opportunity to interact with consumers.

• It helps to have a better search engine ranking.

As a whole, social media marketing helps in fostering business development and broader customers reach.

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